Photos and Events from the Pendergrass Family

To see where you fit into the grand Pendergrass scheme, check out a detailed family tree, prepared by Dave Pendergrass, on his web site:

As a reference point, our branch of the tree is here.

(If this does not take you to Webb Hollingsworth Pendergrass and Cornelia Ada Sherard's page, then Dave has updated his site since I placed this link. I try to keep up with Dave, but he updates his site quite often, and this page moves around some.)


Buster's Dog Winston

Disney Cruise 2007

Check out progress on our new addition

Alexis' 4th Birthday

DisneyWorld 2006

Alexis' 3rd Birthday

2006 Reunion in Winder

Chandler Pitching

Disney Cruise 2006

Flat Erin visits Kennedy Space Center

Some of Linda's old pictures

Chandler's birthday party

Some Bragg family pictures

2003 Reunion at Sandy Creek Park

DisneyWorld 2002

2002 Reunion at Sandy Creek Park

2002 Reunion in Atlanta

Some of Ruby's old pictures

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